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All the modern functionality your company needs to manage and get the most out of your human resources: Recruitment, expenses, vacations, attendance control, evaluation, onboarding and offboarding ...

Odoo human resource management
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Simplify your recruitment process

Post detailed job offers on your website, with selection questionnaires, process steps, and centralized communication to find and recruit the best candidates faster and with less effort.

Expense Management

Your employees can submit expenses through our app or the employee portal, attaching a photo of the ticket or invoice.

Those responsible for validating the requests individually or in batches, and once confirmed they are updated in the corresponding accounting section.

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attendance control software for business human resources

Attendance control

Register access to your facilities with QR cards, NFC or PIN code, automate the registration of working hours through our app, and generate the necessary reports to comply with current legislation.

Holidays and leaves

Simplified tracking of vacations, absences and leave of your employees

Employees enter their vacations, sick leave, paid days off, etc.

Those responsible are notified and decide to approve or reject the absences.

The employee is notified of the decision and his calendar is automatically updated.

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