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Odoo is the most popular ERP software  in functionality and customization: The business management software used by +5,000,000 businesses, offering the most business functionalities (14,000 apps or modules) as well as the ability to fully adapt to your company thanks to it's Open Source Code Nature. Odoo can be used from all devices, and allows your company to perform every task from one place.

Odoo is a tool used for growing and scaling any business:

  • Reducing costs and automating recurring tasks.
  • Modernizing and simplifying your business processes.
  • Connecting with your customers, suppliers and employees in a fast, efficient way through the internet.
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How Odoo works

odoo main menu interface

Odoo works through a common web interface, which contains all the functionalities organized by department. Their workflows are fully integrated and the data seamlessly related, since they share the same database and source code.

Odoo's modular architecture is a great advance over the rest of ERP, since it is possible to buy or develop modules that customize the operation to your employee's ideal way of working.

Getting technical, Odoo uses Postgresql as the database to manage all your data, and it is programmed in the Python3 and Javascript programming languages.

Odoo Apps and Modules

odoo apps

The objective of Odoo is to include all the business functions that a company may need, to avoid the enormous problem posed by integrations and staff training.

Odoo includes more than 14.000 business apps available to be activated in the system, which makes it the ERP system that best suits your company as soon as it is installed.

With this huge arsenal of applications, it is easy to find an app that solves every need of your company. The modular structure and open nature of its code makes extending the features and optimizing each business process an easy and flexible project.


Like most Open Source solutions, Odoo has the base version developed by the community, with all the functionality and no cost of licenses, and a paid version with some additional modules.

Odoo Community is free: its cost being the hosting, plus the time or money you want to invest in the parameterization, customization and development of the ERP to adjust the operation to your company.

odoo pricing

Odoo Community is Open Source

odoo opensource erp

Odoo code is open: this means freedom to modify the system easily and without limitations. Any programmer can develop new installable modules in Odoo, that change the operation and appearance of the system. Perform any additional tasks you can think of, simplify your processes, automate basic and repetitive tasks, or create innovative ways to generate business with your customers and suppliers.

Download Odoo for free from it's code repository on Github.

Advantages of using Odoo

Odoo's philosophy is to allow your company to unify business applications into one, as it is known that having dozens of disconnected applications such as CRM, mass mailing, your website or online store, accounting, manufacturing, etc ... kill productivity, control and the organization that you intended to have with them in the first place.

Odoo covers all business needs through 3 main pillars, all of them available from the web and protected with the best security practices:

Business Management Portal

It serves all internal management purposes from one place, such as Accounting, CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory, Payroll ... and a long list of 14,000 ready-to-use applications.

ejemplo odoo web
Customer Frontend

It serves all purposes in your customer relationships:

Corporate website, Online store, Blog, Customer portal, Contact forms, Document signing...

Internal Server

In charge of carrying out all the rules that govern your business quickly and automatically, such as collecting recurring payments, notifying the right people of important things, robotic processes...

In addition to organizational and productivity advantages, is tremendously powerful when the system that publishes your website or Ecommerce, is the same one that manages and knows the rest of your business processes.

When your customers visit your website, the system (and your sales team) knows who you are, what interests you, how much you buy, when was the last interaction ... Very valuable information to make the visit extremely relevant for the customer, as good commercials do, and offer a customer experience that produces long lasting relationships, loyalty and the best sales and opportunities.

Odoo Reviews

Ease of use

Odoo is among the most user-friendly ERPs. In complex deployments, it usually requires a certain learning curve depending on the complexity of internal operations.

Price Quality

In compatison with the main ERPs on the market, Odoo offers much more for less. This is mainly due to its Open Source nature and the huge 14,000 developers community it has around the world.


Odoo is the ERP with more standard features, with 46 standard business apps and thousands of specific modules available in the App store.

Odoo Versions

odoo versions

Odoo improves its functionalities continuously in all its versions, so it should be updated. Since version 8, every year in October it launches a new version with more profound changes, which requires data migration if you want to upgrade to it.

Currently the latest version is Odoo 14, released on October 5, 2020.

Odoo Development Company

What we can do

Our Services

Implementation and configuration

Our unique implementation process results in the fastest, most stable and painless deployment for your employees.

Website Design & SEO Positioning

We create your custom website design and completely optimize SEO for your Odoo website or Ecommerce.

Odoo Apps Development

We create and adapt modules to fully optimize your key business processes using Odoo.

Data import

We clean, transform and import your data in Odoo. Periodically & fast if your data sources change over time.

Training and Support

We train and help your entire team to promote culture change, and achieve maximum productivity using Odoo.

How do we work

Our methodology

Project Management

Our objective-focused process to manage the development of your projects is based on SCRUM + PMBOK agile methodologies, to ensure compliance with your deadlines, budget, quality and satisfaction.


We are expert Odoo developers and use the best development practices (test & domain driven). To ensure stability and optimize the early delivery of value to your business, regardless of the size, scalability or complexity of your needs.

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