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  1. SEO Audit: Discovering opportunities
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Website Structure best practices
  4. Content: Improvements and Strategies
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In depth SEO Audit

When we start a SEO optimization campaign on your Odoo website, our team begins by deeply analyzing your company, your website, your competition and your market.

We put on the detective hat and take advantage of all the available data to create a map with the best strategy to follow in the SEO optimization of your website:

odoo server

1. Servers Performance

We evaluate response times and codes, headers and system architecture: database configuration, Odoo and the internet outbound proxy to achieve maximum performance.

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2. Content Delivery

Cache, minification, compression, lazy / deferred loading of CSS, javascript and images to get the highest score in Google Pagespeed.

odoo core web vitals

3. Core Web Vitals

The new positioning factors that take effect in May 2021: Google will take into account the speed and consistency of your website, with very demanding requirements.

odoo seo rich snippets schema

4. On-page & off-page SEO

Use of microdata for rich snippets (product, review, FAQ...), response to the user's intention on each page and internal and incoming links scheme.

odoo keyword research

5. Keywords & competition

We analyze your keywords in the search results to understand the main search intent and why competing pages rank better.

odoo security for seo

6. Seguridad

Level of security on your Odoo server, correct usage of https and its security headers, and proper use of tags in outgoing links.

Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO is all optimizations related to your website code and speed in Odoo. Its importance is enormous since Google is strongly penalizing slow or unsafe sites, and promoting those that allow it to better understand their content through the structured data.

The implementation of technical improvements should be the first step because:

  • Pays off quickly by resolving imposed penalties.

  • It improves the positioning of all the pages of your website together.

  • It is the basis for fueling all content enhancements.

Website Structure

odoo seo website structure

The hierarchical structure of your Odoo website pages is important due to how search engines perceive the organization of your information.

Clustering is the consensus on best practice: classify content into a few root topics and distribute content within them with an internal linking policy for related content.

If your site is cluttered, it may be necessary to reorganize the content and establish an easy-to-navigate structure that makes Google understand that your website is an expert in its field.

Content Strategy & optimization

seo pyramid

Content is king, there's no question about it. Without it SEO is meaningless. Optimizing content is getting each page of your website to have:

  • A clear purpose and aimed at obtaining a benefit for your company.

  • Respond better than others to the general search intent.

  • Content is deep enough to add value and is worth sharing.

  • Your title, description and structured data call the click.

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