Odoo CRM

Get a fully optimized and organized sales process to get the most out of your customers and sales representatives.

Odoo CRM customer experience


The Odoo CRM functionality focuses on grouping and connecting all the processes involved in selling, from contact making to after-sales support.


integrated in the app, via email and videoconference. Organized chronologically, with reception and reading notices.


opportunities with reminders, appointments and scheduled tasks.


with sales and the rest of Odoo apps. Associate quotes, and easily trace the process chain: sales, invoices, payments, deliveries, etc.

Advantages of using Odoo CRM

Re-discover your customers

Visualize all your customer data in one place: quickly find out what they need, when to act and how they behave to be very effective when dealing with them.

Take control of your goals

Take control of your decisions by relying on all the data produced by your customers and employees.

Access your dashboard in real time to be fast and accurate in solving problems and detecting opportunities.

Multiply Satisfaction

Improve the experience for all your employees and customers, while reducing costs by automating notifications and actions at every step of your sales process.

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Unleash your sales team potential

Increase the sales capacity and quality of the service of your sales representatives, with a global vision of your sales pipeline from any place and device.

Odoo CRM is the best technological platform to unleash the potential of your commercial team.

Designed to take advantage of data

Automatically collect and use the most valuable information to detect opportunities and make better decisions: employee performance, forecasts, ratios, KPIs ... in real time, fully customizable and with various visualization methods.

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Loyalty & Satisfaction

Arouse interest and desire for your company with the best online experience, and gain their trust and loyalty by accompanying your customers throughout the purchase journey.

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