Odoo ERP: Pricing

Odoo is the best tool for growing a business, and it is also unique in its pricing structure. As it is free software, you can choose to focus your investment effort on adapting Odoo to your business, training your employees, and your desired level of support.

  1. Odoo ERP License price
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  3. Implantation & Training
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odoo erp pricing scheme
cost of Odoo user licenses

Odoo user License

The cost of Odoo is free and without limitations in its Community edition, where the huge community of +16,000 developers continuously shape and improve the software.

The company Odoo S.A, offers a paid edition based on Odoo Community, with some extra modules and functionalities. This version has a monthly cost for each module used (about € 20 / module), and for each user (about € 10 / user).

Both editions are compatible. Odoo Community can be implemented by any consultancy, but to access Odoo Enterprise you must go to a partner associated with Odoo like us, whose knowledge and good practices are verified and examined.

Hosting Requirements

Odoo is a web application, so it must be hosted in the cloud or on a server that you own.

Due to the importance of the data handled in Odoo, it is vital to choose a provider who knows well how Odoo works, how to effectively apply the necessary security measures, and protects the data with a multi-location backup policy.

The cost of a private cloud hosting for Odoo depends on the power required to serve your employees and customers, and is usually around € 70 / month.

hosting cost estimate for odoo
odoo implantation cost

Implementation and training cost

Odoo, like any ERP, is too critical and complex a system to implement without the help of an expert team in technical capacity and experience.

Implementing Odoo successfully is understanding how your company works, to apply all the power of Odoo with one main target: to multiply your company's ability to generate profits.

Once the management system we have envisioned together has been implemented, it's essential to train your employees so that they know how to get the most out of their new work tool.

The price depends on the complexity of your business processes and the number of modules you are going to use. Starting at €5,000 for an SME that needs to manage billing, CRM, Corporate Website and Warehouses.

Custom modules development price

Another major advantage that differentiates Odoo from the rest of ERP: it is possible to program modules that work directly within Odoo, designed and adjusted 100% to your needs.

There are thousands of programmers capable of developing Odoo modules, but here experience is essential: it is not just about knowing how to program, but also knowing the Odoo framework very well. Otherwise, developing seemingly simple functionality can go a long way, often leading to failure and frustration for everyone involved.

We program daily in Odoo, and maintain our own 86 modules since 2014. The price of the custom development is calculated based on the time needed, between € 60 and € 90 / hour, and we always comply with the deadlines.

precio del desarrollo a medida en odoo
persona lanzando cohete

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