Software for your business processes

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Expand your reach and online presence: Store with payment gateway, corporate website and customer portal.

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Business Management

Unify your internal processes (sales and invoices, manufacturing, services, field work, warehouses ...) and visualize your data in an intuitive way.

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Integrated communications in each business activity, with your customers and employees: Email, videoconference and chat.


Make your sales funnel and online interactions consistent, and fully integrated with the internal workings of your entire company.

Edit your online store easily using drag and drop blocks. Add blog, forum, opinion and e-learning features in 1 click.

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Sales Force

Find out how to simplify and empower your physical and online sales efforts - centralized in one place.

Organize, automate and deploy your sales force with the technology you need to hit the right time and right customers.

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Software ERP

Manage your processes, visualize all your business data, save time and money in your entire company operations:

Finance, warehouses, manufacturing, employees, projects, timesheets, expenses, fleets ... with an integrated and easy-to-use ERP.

Por qué PROKOM

Why our clients hire us

Today's digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to build new services, experiences, and products, keeping pace with changing customer needs. Our deep knowledge of technology and the digital ecosystem, combined with our dedication to add value to their business, make our clients find us as a unique ally.

Outdated operating models hamper business transformation, hampering growth and the ability to keep up with customer and market demands. Only companies based on agile and intelligent processes, supported by the right technologies, can deliver interactions and experiences that exceed customer expectations.

All the people who make up the PROKOM team are passionate about creating technology that simplifies your business processes, saves time and money by automating repetitive tasks, and enhances the growth of your company by helping you reach more customers.

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We create and implement tools to grow your company in the digital era.

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